Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Since St. Paddy’s Day has always been, for me, “The Holiday that Overshadows Your Birthday,” I probably don’t give this feast day its full value. Still, it’s a feast day in the middle of Lent and, if not a good excuse to overindulge in dyed alcoholic beverages, it’s a perfectly good excuse to cook something yummy and sit down to dinner with the family.

Hope everyone wore their green!

And . . .

In more relevant news . . .

I completed a picture book yesterday!

I’m VERY happy with this one and it will promptly replace the first one as the title I’ll be schlepping to agents. I’m working on the query letter and doing some re-writes to get it fine-tuned.

I’ve had an idea for a book like this for about six months, but the rhyming scheme that I was using was just awful and it felt false. Yesterday, I suddenly realized that the focus needed to be on the characters and their interactions, not some tired rhyming idea. About two hours later, the book was mostly finished. I’ve added some things and subtracted some things, but it was just “there” . . . that’s my favorite kind of writing, when it seems to write itself. My oldest son helped me with some details and was extremely happy when two of “his” ideas made it into the finished product. I’m hoping that this will encourage him a bit . . . he’s got great ideas and would be a great sci-fi writer someday.

Now . . . I need to get cracking on some of the books I checked out from the library. Or sleep. It’s much more likely that I’ll keep fiddling with the WordPress themes until I find something that I think really “fits” this blog. Suggestions welcome!


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