It’s gardening season here at the Tribal HQ. It’s also (in case you missed it) time for a new WordPress theme. I think this one might work– it’s plain enough but not too boring and the lighter color seems more cheerful. Lemme know if you disagree and think it’s awful.

Hubs went all out today with the tiller, digging up part of the garden that got washed away in last week’s 7″ of rain and then planting in two varieties of potato and some more cucumbers. After some poking around, I asked him if he thought we should till up the barren spot that used to be the chicken play yard. After a couple seasons of chicken poo accumulating on it, I’m sure the soil will be chock full of nitrogen.We sold all of the chickens last summer, so the soil has had enough time to rest. Hubs ran the tiller through it and it came up pretty well, not too sticky with clay or too sandy. We’re going to try planting corn on it, I think, and maybe some beans. Corn is a heavy feeder, so maybe it will suck up the nitrogen without getting as weedy and unproductive as tomatoes would in the same spot. The beans are iffier.

I’ve been having a hard time trying to decide what I want to “plant” in this blog. I’ve decided that I’m going to leave out most of the details of my everyday life and that of my kids. I will probably start a password protected blog for that, since I know that some of our extended family might like to see pages and pages of pictures of the kids and descriptions of what they’re doing. No one else really needs to page down through all that stuff.

I absolutely do not fit the profile of the “successful” blogger. I can’t limit myself down to just Mommy blogging or just Catholic blogging or just writing blogging (or gardening or farming or music or movies or culture). The things that I want to write about are too mixed up to neatly sort into categories like that. I’ve found that I write weblogs because there are things I want to say that I can’t say in any other format. It is probably very good for me that only a half dozen people bother to read my ramblings. It keeps me humble.

I’ve decided to update three times a week. That gives me some structure without making the task too onerous. I need to find a way to make my writing more appealing to people, to improve my “tone” and “voice.” I need to sharpen my focus. I’ll try to do that, but I can’t do it without feedback. So, if you have any thoughts or criticisms of my posts, DO email or comment or something, okay? Thanks. =)

Now, time to go watch more episodes of Castle . . . .


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