Whew. . .

You know it’s hot in Texas when you’re getting heat exhaustion on the first day of April.

Spent a long time in bed, recovering from that. Then I spent nearly all day today writing a short story while listening to Nightwish on a hypnotic loop of Finnish opera metal, which probably led to what my oldest daughter politely termed a “wow, everything happens in a rush” pacing of the story. I might have to go back and slow it down a little. More sleuthing, less murder. Then again, maybe not. Maybe I’ll just write another short story with more Nightwish playing. At least it got words on the page, right?

I feel like I’m late on the Scandinavian metal fan train, since my friend Matthias has been trying to get me to listen to it since at least 2005. I guess I just wasn’t ready for headbanging awesomeness. I had a strange realization today– it’s been 7 years since “the worst year ever.” A lot’s happened in that time, sometimes in a whirlwind that didn’t allow for thought or reflection. Since then, I’ve gone to nursing school, had two children, worked as a psych nurse, moved halfway across the country, moved BACK, and ditched my nursing career. Whew, indeed.

I have to slow the pacing in my head down at some point. I spent so long thinking that I’d never live to be 38, and now here we are. It’s like I don’t have a map anymore– I’m out in unexplored territory, living beyond my dreams. It’s time to start taking it seriously, I think. Time to stop the whirlwind and make actual grown-up type plans.

None of which gets me out of having to write 1000 words to make up for yesterday, 1000 words for today, and then we’re almost at tomorrow and the thousand words for it, too. I’d better at least open the Word file. Sometimes, looking at the empty page will guilt me into writing.

Ah well. Time to work.


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