Life’s a happy song . . . .

Or so claim the Muppets. We rented it from Redbox last week and I managed to watch it before it was due, which is a major accomplishment around here.

I think the movie was a little too self-conscious. Most of the violations of the fourth wall seemed . . . well, just un-funny. It was aimed too high for the little boys, that’s for certain. The youngest only watched for a few minutes before wandering off, and the five year old wasn’t much better. The Muppets always did appeal to a slightly older audience than Sesame Street . . . but was it the best way to re-introduce kids to the Muppets? The show-within-a-show format just didn’t have enough craziness, enough jokes . . . kinda relied on us GenXers and the fact that we already loved the characters. I would have preferred that they just dropped the pretense and slammed some wocka wocka in our face, you know?

Or a few cream pies. Not a single cream pie was thrown. THAT is a huge oversight.

Anyway, I’ve been forced to take a break from writing over the past few days. Holy Week is always crazy, but I spent most of the weekend sick, just hanging on by a thread. Probably my biggest accomplishment over the past four days was buying and assembling the boys’s Easter buckets and making the hummingbird cake. Definitely wasn’t a productive weekend in terms of writing. I wish that I could write when I’m ill, but I just can’t. I’ll try to ease back into it tonight . . . I still have to do some serious repairs to the last scene I was writing. Most of those repairs will be the heavy use of the Delete key, alas. It’s definitely not working as-is.

Anyhow, no major news today and no thoughts beyond having some leftover ham for lunch. Sometimes, your priorities have to change . . . and my priority for the day is just to get well enough to continue my work.


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