A depressing lack of photographic evidence

I swore that I would take more pictures. Eeep. Kinda sorta okay-I-did really never find that camera and keep it in a good place. It’s really depressing, too, since the garden looks amazing, the ducks are looking well-feathered, and the kids are as adorable as ever.

So, I am renewing my commitment to taking more photos. I need to find the camera and, more importantly, find a way to import the photos to this computer. Hubs and Elsa both have laptops with photo-switching capabilities, but this old thing just barely chugs along. Maybe I can make Elsa load the photos for me . . . .

Why is it such an impossible thing for me to take photos? Am I really just that scarred by my childhood or is something else going on here?

Hmmm. Need to think about this some more, I believe. Blocks have reasons that they are blocks. I finally beat down my writing block. Why can’t I do it for photography?


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