I have to apologize for the paucity of posts lately. I’m deep in the ending of this book and my brain is filled with character motivations and desperately trying to get this thing DONE so I can take a breath. Even the smallest change requires going back and adding in more dialogue and actions. If you’ve got a gun going off at the ending and you forgot to put it in at the beginning, well, let’s say it needs to be finessed to make it work. That gun has to be mentioned again and woven into the reality in the middle. Can’t just slap you with it at the beginning and then again at the end. So, writing and more writing and then, yes, more listening to music so that I can be inspired to DO the writing.

My two oldest kids went to see The Avengers yesterday, which of course meant that I had to drive them into town, drive back, care for the little kids, then load everyone up and drive back into town to pick them up. One of the disadvantages of living out in the “country” . . . it’s more than 9.2 miles to the movie theater, it’s more like 17.5 miles.  They loved the movie and of course I’m insanely jealous that they got to see it (and hubs and the Eternal Teenager saw it as well. I’m the last person over 13 who HASN’T seen it besides Indy, and she doesn’t like non-animated movies anyway.) But, my brain probably can’t take that much excitement anyway.

HAVE to finish this novel soon, before it drives me insane. Literally.

Anyway, posting may continue to be scarce. I have lots of “stuff” in my mind, but I can’t think about it too much or I stop feeling like writing the novel. And the novel Must Come First this month. Once it’s done, I have a couple of other projects that I’ll be writing, but I can’t do more than jot down an idea when it flashes through my mind and then leave it on the desk beneath the layers of schoolwork from the little boys, the sticky teacups, and the stratus of toys, pennies, and broken ink pens that builds up on any horizontal surface.

Oh. For what it’s worth, Time Magazine? I practice attachment parenting. Nursed my oldest son until he turned 3. Was unable to nurse the younger boys more than 6 weeks, due to health and work issues. And, definitely, the oldest and I had it a lot easier during the first couple of years, since feeding and comforting was so simple. It’s been a lot more work to get the younger boys through the illnesses and struggles of baby and toddlerhood. I truly wish I’d been able to nurse the younger boys for longer. Attachment parenting isn’t weird. It’s just the simplest and best way to raise an infant. No nighttime screaming since they’re already in your bed and easily comforted. No need to mix up bottles at 2am when your brain isn’t functioning. Less disgusting poops. Hey, don’t laugh, it’s a significant benefit when you’re changing innumerable shtty diapers.

Sometimes, I think that my ideal vacation would just be a week where I didn’t have to wipe anyone’s butt besides my own.

I’m serious. 🙂


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