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Well, I’ve decided to make some little changes around here. For one, I’m changing the posting schedule to Tuesday/Thursday, instead of MWF. I’ve noticed that people seem to read more stuff online midweek, and no one reads on weekends and Mondays, soooo . . . a little alteration that will also allow me more time to come up with interesting posts.

I finally feel capable of mentioning that life is going to change around here considerably, as my hubs finally got a better job offer. This job will allow him to be home more and we’ll have medical insurance again, both important things. It’s been a tense few months without benefits, just hoping that none of the kids became ill or got hurt. Anyhow, he’s happy, I’m happy, the kids are happy . . . a celebration all around, I think. And we’ll get to clean our travel trailer back up, fix the broken parts, and take it for actual camping trips again on the weekends! We’re looking forward to it. Our last family camping trip was last fall and we had a really good time camping just a few miles down the road. Everything is a matter of perspective, you know?

So, I am still extremely busy. I managed to bump the manuscript up to 81,000 words last night. 19,000 to go. Whew, it seems like I’m climbing Mount Everest some days, but it’s going to be so satisfying to finish this novel (and finally get these characters off my back!) I’m trying to outline the remaining scenes so that the writing can truck along a little faster, but I end up adding new scenes that throw that rhythm off anyway. I’m going to aim for 2000 words a day as my minimum. That would let me squeak past the finish line before the end of the month, as I’d hoped.

So much of writing this novel has been intuitive– whenever I feel restless with a scene, I know it needs to be changed. Whenever I feel like there’s too much talking, there’s an action scene ahead. It’s been an education. The longest thing I’d written before was, I think, 9000 words. I’m almost ten times past that mark, and it’s an entirely different sense of timing that you have to develop. I just hope that people like it when it’s finally done, edited, re-written, and polished! Still so much to do!

Anyway, I went to see Avengers tonight (it was good, like being on a theme park ride) . . . tired and up way past my bedtime. I’ll be back Tuesday with (I hope) something interesting to say.


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