Summer is coming . . . .

And I’ve got a new pet. Seriously, my husband should just not allow me to go to the feed store, because I WILL end up bringing home a new animal. This time, it was a little soot-black rabbit with gray paws and a half-lopped left ear.

I named him or her Murphy, because it looks like it was drop-kicked.

Actually, Murph is an adorable little animal and is rapidly becoming one of the most-petted rabbits in the world. The little boys adore the bunny and the youngest will quite happily stand and pet the rabbit until I force him to allow the little critter to hop back into his hidey-box. Many rapid trips have been made from the back porch to the garden, just to nab a piece of lettuce to cram into the rabbit’s cage.

Murphy is definitely a pet rabbit, not a farm rabbit.

Our immediate plans for farming have been put on a sort of hold as we try to adjust to hubs’s new job and our changed prospects. We’re keeping the garden going, since we didn’t want to lose an entire growing season just on possibilities that might never emerge. The garden is producing a LOT of food right now– more cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, and pattypan squash than we can eat, plus green beans and chard, daikon radish and new potatoes. The tomatoes are just coming on, as are the okra. We’ll be up to our ears in corn soon, too. My biggest challenge is making sure it doesn’t all go to waste.

The summer brings the kids all home, and while we’re happy to have everyone close, it’s so easy to fall into a rut of boredom and video games. So we’re trying something new this year– we’ve got a list of 100 things we want to do over the course of the summer. The kids like having a list to check off, and I like having easy goals to meet. Seriously, what’s difficult about “Have a pillow fight” or “Have a movie night”? No-brainers.

My novel is behind schedule, simply due to the horrible week I’ve had. It’s hard to write when your pain level is this high– falling into that tub was very bad for my writing schedule! I’m hoping that I get things back on track when the pain subsides. A little bit of pain can be channeled into your characters. A lot just makes it impossible to sit still at the desk long enough to concentrate on a sentence.

So, we’ve got a plan, we’ve got supplies, we’ve got dreams, and we’ve got ambitions. Now, all we need to do is plunge into the summer with all the enthusiasm we can muster. We’ll need every scrap, because summer in Texas is a lot like winter in Winterfell— horrible, dangerous, and miserable. Except we’re roasting instead of freezing, and so far no one has tried to stab anyone in this House or drop small children out of windows.

Crossing my fingers that it stays true!


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