Bad times

This week has been dreadful. A dear friend of mine who has been an important part of my life for 14 years died suddenly yesterday. I’m staggered. Shocked. And very grieved.

And I can answer the question that I posed on Tuesday.

Yes, it’s possible to change. It has to be. Otherwise, what are we to do with these tragedies? Do we just continue in lockstep to our doom? Do we resist change even when the horror of death robs us of a beloved companion?

You can. But I won’t.

Even if I’m riddled with disease and doomed to die soon, I will live each of these days with the certain knowledge that I am choosing to live it in faith and hope and love. Those are the three virtues we’re called to practice. They’re each, in themselves, incredible challenges. But isn’t life an incredible challenge, anyway?

I spent today in bed, physically laid low by my grief. But the best tribute to my friend Judy would be to change the negative things in my life that are limiting me, holding me down, and dooming me to my own early death. I can fight my own disease processes. I can work to become healthier and stronger. And I can try to make sure that everyone in my life knows how important they are to me.


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