Energizer bunny . . . not

One of my dad’s favorite sayings is that he’s just like the Energizer Bunny . . . he keeps going and going, even when life throws more problems at him.

I could use a little recharging, I gotta admit.

I have, however, started plugging away at the Novel again. I’m at 90,000 words, finally. I think another 10k should finish it off. My main characters are ticked off at each other and covered in blood, so you know things aren’t going well. By the end, they should be on better terms, but you never know. Real life people are unpredictable. Fictional characters aren’t much better. Just when you think you understand them, they decide to develop FEELINGS and PROBLEMS.

Stupid fragmented pieces of my psyche, anyway.

It’s been too hot outside to do anything, so my daughter and I sat and watched “Amadeus” on Netflix. I think they could have cut it by 2/3 and it would have made an admirable short film. As it was, it dragged. Yes, the acting, the acting . ..  but most of the scenes of someone conducting could have been drastically cut and it would have helped decrease the sensation that one somehow wandered into an opera instead of a cinema.

I like opera music, but I’ve never sat through an entire performance. Still, there are some songs that I just adore. So, since I am a lazy bunny today, you’re getting the list of songs I love. 🙂

Amazing stuff. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the energy to play some opera music and get some work done. Today, it was downtime. Tomorrow, well, it’s Friday . . . I’ll be energized just because of that!


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