Hmmm . . . .

So, I was reading “Point, Counter Point” this evening and the point of view character mentioned a poem by Shelley that I hadn’t read. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, and wireless networking, my daughter was able to look up the poem and hand the laptop to me . . . within moments.

It’s sometimes hard to remember how it was before the interwebz. I’ve tried to think of some of the most useful things that it has brought us but I don’t think of, say, the advances in communication between scientists and doctors, leading to better medical care, or of the millions helped by our increased awareness of global crisis points and our ability to respond to them quickly.


I think about how useful it is to look up song titles and artists, when all you know is one line of the song.

I think about how online Scrabble and other web games have given bored housewives something of a life.

Chatrooms and messenger services, introducing people who’d never otherwise connect with each other.

Endless pages of medical maladies to page through and convince yourself that you have.

More recipes than you can ever cook.

And so on.

There was an article in the news today, talking about 4 ways the Internet could go down. They didn’t exactly offer solutions for the problems, either. Just gloom and doom, we will have no internets.

I really hope that we don’t lose it.

Can you imagine having to call a radio station again and beg them to tell you the name of a song?

Never again, brothers and sisters. Never again.




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