Clearing the decks

I spent a rough afternoon getting things ready today.

I need to write the next novel. I can’t stop now, not after I finally found the determination and strength to finish writing a book. So, I had to get rid of some of the things that were holding me back.

Saying goodbye to things is never easy. But it was inevitable, really. My life has moved on. The hobbies and addictions of the past are useless to me now. They divert my energy from where it should be (writing) and drain me to the point that I can’t give anything to it when I do try to write.

So, I deleted the old game off my computer, complete with all the updates and hak packs and files. I wrote the final chapter for a couple of my characters and posted my goodbye on the forum. The past couple of days have really made me understand that what had kept me in thrall to the games was (alas) dead and gone. The excitement of interacting with new people isn’t as exciting when you’re dealing with the same dozen people over and over again. The thrill of combat is lost when they’ve destroyed the balance to the point where one man can become an army. The feeling that you’re creating a world as you roleplay it? It just doesn’t work when it’s the same stale arguments over and over, or if the other players have a limp regard for the storyline and history of the server.

So, now I can move on.

The worldbuilding is going to be much more complex with this new book. I’m excited . . . something as trivial as my daughter asking what they’d eat has filled me with ideas. Of /course/ they’d eat this or that or the other. And what WAS their everyday life like?

It’s going to be fun.


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