The plans we make

Outlining is not my favorite task ever.

Right now, my brain is resisting any and all efforts at creating an outline for the next Work In Progress. Heels-in-the-dirt, kicking-dragging-screaming, will-not-move stubbornness is the order of the day.

That tells me that something’s wrong. Either my characters aren’t the right ones to tell the story or I’m at the wrong starting point in the story, or I just haven’t found out enough about the story to begin to feel out the ending. It’s probably “All of the Above” .  . . depressing, but there’s nothing to be done but . . .  more work.

So, the plan for this week (research) will continue to be the plan for next week. I am going to start drawing up a preliminary map, though, since the physical qualities of the continents ARE important to the overall story. The continents themselves are characters, in a way, since their limitations and qualities have decided so much about the cultures that crouch upon their surfaces.

This is taking way more research than the last novel, which is a Good Thing, I think. I want it to be a richer world, a deeper story, a more layered approach.

I guess I just feel guilty because no words are being tallied up in the “Words Written Today” chart. I know, logically, that I need this time to get the world right. Just having a hard time convincing myself that I am, indeed, doing valuable work and not just goofing around.

Another couple weeks of research won’t be the end of me!


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