Harper Voyager opening = temptation and challenge

So, Robin Hobb recently posted the news on Facebook that HarperCollins’s Harper Voyager imprint will be accepting un-agented manuscripts for a two week period in October, the 1st through the 14th. They’re looking for science fiction and fantasy novels to publish as e-books, one a month. Who knows what the actual terms are but it’s an interesting opportunity for those of us who haven’t scored agents yet. No doubt an agent would sign you up reasonably quickly if Harper decided to make you an offer.

You know what this means, right?

It means that I’m going to be spending the next two weeks getting my first novel (nicknamed DV) polished and edited and shined. Research for the next one can wait– I’ve been delaying really sitting down and writing the synopsis and doing the final revisions, but this is tempting. And even if I don’t get a nibble from it, I need to do the polishing anyway.

I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to submit to it, but I am seriously considering it. In the meantime, it’s a win-win– it gives me motivation, it gives me a deadline, and it gives me a reason to let the next book stew in its own juices for a while.

Last night, I suddenly realized what happens in the sequel to DV. Kidnapping, torture, imprisonment . . . it’s going to be fun.

Now, to re-read the whole thing out loud and see where it clunks and where it sings.


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2 responses to “Harper Voyager opening = temptation and challenge

  • Zen

    I saw this the other day and I’m seriously considering it too. I saw that they were going to do all the copyediting and proofreading, but I’m going to give my novel (I’m just about to finish writing it) a reading to correct all the jarring mistakes!

    • martibooker

      Yes, definitely all the typos and plain goofy errors have to go. I did a “find and replace” for “East” and “West” and then had sentences like “The bwest raised its head.” Duh!

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