Editing during warfare

The warfare I’m editing under, of course, is the long-term entrenched war being waged against my sanity by my children.


I spent all morning taking my middle son to a doctor’s appointment with one of the travelling pediatric specialists that only visits our town once a month. Not the kind of thing you can easily reschedule, if you know what I mean. Two hours in an 7’x10′  examining room with a hyperactive 5 year old and I came out feeling like my brains had been lightly scrambled and sprinkled with chives.

I did have a good experience yesterday evening, however. Well, eventually. First, the air conditioner had to freeze up, my husband had to dismantle it (did I mention it’s right outside our bedroom door?), then he had to clean out 5 years of accumulated filth on the coils and unclog two feet of drain pipe that were totally filled with a jellied sort of slime mold. In our bathtub. Sigh.

So after the tension and the swearing and my scrubbing of the slime mold out of the tub with liberal amounts of Comet cleanser, I sat down at my desk and read the first chapter of my novel out-loud to my 14 year old son.

He liked it. I was able to pinpoint a few clunky paragraphs that will really need to be moved or chopped (lots of backstory) but he asked me an actual relevant question at the end and asked if we could read more of it later. I count that as a success, however slim. One battle in the lifelong war, but since I’m always losing the war, I will take what I can get.

LastPass, the service I use for my passwords, has a new feature that has really put a number on how little time I’ve had this week. It tells you how long it’s been since you’ve last logged on to a site before it fills in your info. Usually, my email logins say something ridiculous like “5 minutes since you last logged on” which is ludicrous, but I admit to obsessive checking when I’m expecting an email. Or when I’m avoiding working. Or, you know, Pinterest.

I sat down at my computer a while ago and it told me “20 hours since your last login.” Wow, almost an entire day. Now I know why my brains feel sauteed.

Not nearly enough screen time.

Or too much butter, either one.

For the sake of full disclosure, I intend to watch FaceOff tonight. Because . . . okay, Syfy finally has a good show that I like! That’s reason enough. *nod* But I’ll actually have real writing time tomorrow, since no one has claimed the hours between 10am and 4pm yet. If I work hard, I can get three chapters edited in that timeframe. Only . . . thirty left to go? Ugh. I feel like I’m losing the war sometimes. Make it four. If I can do four a day, I can get it finished by the 1st of October. Maybe I’ll win the war, after all.



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