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So . . . anyone have any opinions on the new WordPress theme that I’m using?

The other one looked a wee bit too twee, I thought. I still need to fix some links and add some things, but I figured that this looked a bit more “writerly.”

Still working on the themes of my new novel, while we’re talking about themes. Every novel has several themes, but some of them play a more important role than others. One of the primary themes of my first novel was something like “A person can overcome obstacles and be a better person even if they’re not, strictly speaking, human anymore.” This new novel seems to be following a similar path, with the addition of personal betrayal into the mix. So it has the humanity/inhumanity themes (they are werewolves, after all), plus it has another theme in “You are part of your family, even if they’re unreliable or weak or insane, and a family sticks together through some bad sh*t.”

Ever notice how your themes reflect your own reality in some way? My own small little nuclear family has stuck together through some truly terrible events, and I don’t think I would have made it without them. We even have an official family nickname, The Tribe. That’s not to say it’s ever easy to be in a family with so many personalities and opinions and attitudes. Even just deciding what movie to watch on a Saturday night can turn into a huge thorny issue. But family is important, even if you have to ignore the larger and extended family (as my characters must) and focus only on your small tightly-knit family in order to survive.

Anyway, that’s a lot to chew on this early in the morning. Time to do a little laundry and check on the chickens and then, maybe, sit down and try to pound out at least one scene of the new novel. It currently has the working title of BLOOD LIKE WATER. That’s definitely not the finished title, but it reminds me of the themes that I’m dealing with and puts me back into the proper frame of mind as I start writing.

And, as we all know, being in the proper frame of mind . . . isn’t nearly as important as just putting your butt in the chair and putting some words on the page. But it does make you feel slightly better about the whole thing. 🙂


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