Blogging vs Writing

I’ve started to wonder if my blogging is cutting into my writing energy.

One blog was fine. Two, however, seems to be pushing it. I haven’t worked seriously on a novel in the past two months, and while it’s natural to take a break after editing a book, it’s also not getting me anywhere, either.

So I’ve begun looking with grave suspicions at my blogs. Am I writing or am I writing about writing? Should I cut down on my blogging? Or should I try to force the issue, so to speak, by setting myself a hard writing deadline and sticking to it?

I’m leaning towards the latter. I think that writing 1000 words a day is reasonable, at least until I get back in the flow, so I will do that starting on December 1. If my blogging suffers, so be it. My fiction has to come first.

I enjoy blogging, mostly because I love to “talk”, but it’s not nearly as important to me as serious publication, either. I want to sell a novel and see it in print! That’s my goal, and I need to do everything in my power to make sure it happens.

Stick around, though. Scattershot isn’t going away. Like I said, I love to blab . . . and I will have to keep my blabbing outlet going!


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