5 Things Never to Say to a Writer

So, I’ve been a bit discouraged lately, and in my discouragement I reached out to some friends and got varying advice from them. So, in tribute to my friends and their advice, I offer you some advice of my own: Five Things Never to Say to a Writer, no matter how Depressed and Discouraged they may be:

1. “Well, you might take up another hobby.” Doubly bad, implying that your writing is just a hobby and that you need a new one.

2. “You just need practice.” Ouch. So I’m that bad, huh?

3. “You’re not a bad writer, but . . .” Anything followed by “But” is automatically bad. Do not use.

4. “I just got busy and put your book down and then forgot about it.” Aha. So it does suck. Nobody “forgets” to read the newest bestseller.

5. “I hear that McDonalds is hiring . . .” The kiss of death. 🙂 Pick out your best black outfit for my funeral.

Thanks, guys. I guess I’ll be looking into pottery or stamp collecting next. 😉

(Not really.)


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