A Song of Ice and Fire: Dreading Daenerys

I’m a fan of George R.R. Martin, let me say that straight-out. I think he’s accomplished something important in the fantasy genre and has enriched it with his contributions. I’ve been a huge critic of his slow progress on the ASOIAF series, mostly because I want to finish reading it! (But also because he misled us on the completion dates.) I’m still a huge critic of his sex scenes, his fascination with rape, and his really unacceptable sexualization of children. But, I am just as obsessed as any fan with Westeros and the characters therein.

That said, some of the fan-boys and fan-girls make me despair. I mean, seriously, people– you’ve seen what Daenerys Stormborn has brought to Astapor and Qarth and Meereen. Do you really want her to come to King’s Landing?

(Okay, having Cersei incinerated via dragon would be amusing, but otherwise . . .)

I believe that Daenerys and her brother Viserys were sacrificial offerings, if you will– feints. They were the publicly pathetic Targs trotted around the east, just to hide the true heir, Aegon. (Needless to say, I think he’s the real Aegon, not a pretender.) The plotters probably assumed that someone would “off” the two long before they ever got near the Iron Throne. Then the way would be clear for the son of Rhaegar to retake the throne.

Dany getting the dragons to hatch was absolutely an accident, totally unplanned. It thrust her into a role that no one really wants her to play– conqueror of Westeros. Uck. Nobody wants ravenous uncontrollable dragons razing the land, you know. It’s perfectly fine in old stories, but who wants a dragon to pop by their own home? No one.

Dany was never prepared for rule: she’s never been instructed in Westerosi culture, religion, or customs. She’s not even INTERESTED in them, yet people want her on the throne. Whyyyyyyy? So she can mockingly call their clothing “rabbit ears” and get herself deposed for bedding the next blue-haired hottie she lusts after? The girl doesn’t have any circumspection, people. She didn’t even try to hide her affair with Daario. She’s totally clueless that anyone would even find it offensive for a lady to do such a thing.

Daenerys is a train wreck waiting to happen. For the sake of all of Westeros, I hope she finds something more to her tastes than being queen, since she seems to truly suck at it. We don’t need another lousy ruler, please, just someone who combines compassion with just a BIT of common sense. And a butt that’s willing to sit that Iron Throne without whining about the duties it entails.


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