‘One of those freaking delays’

My cover artist still isn’t done with the cover.

My interior artwork artist is still not done with the frontispiece.

And let’s not even go into how the marketing side has been flattened by everything.

June, 2017, has been hell on earth. I am just glad to have survived it (Wait, there’s a day and a half left, it might kill me yet…)

I WILL get this novel published. But not today. I could go into the entire sorry tale, but that, as they say, is another story altogether. And, maybe, a book in itself. Of course, no one would believe how utterly awful our trip to Walt Disney World actually was. It was beyond awful, into legend and epic territories.

And now there’s one of our mice running loose in the house. How is anyone supposed to create “Art” under these conditions, I ask you.


I feel very aggravated by the delay, but I can’t hold my artists up at gunpoint and tell them to “Create!” I will do the best I can to get this published by the weekend. grrr.


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